Bishop Kayode Williams (JP)

(The Founder)

Bishop Kayode Williams (JP) is the visionary leader of the Prison Rehabilitation Mission International (PREMI). He is an inclusive godly leader who demonstrates the love of God in his dealings. He is the voice that consistently calls for the reformation of prisons in Africa.
The birth of Prison Rehabilitation Mission International came out of the conviction of Bishop Kayode that the deplorable condition of the prisons in Africa and mere incarceration offenders with limited or no emphasis on reforms and adequate care will reproduce new hardened criminals after release. This conclusion was borne out of his experience during his incarceration before he received a national presidential pardon from the then president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Olusegun Obasanjo (GCFR). He was appointed to serve on the Presidential Committee on Prison Reforms and Rehabilitation in 2006. Since this grace, Bishop Williams has relentlessly pursued the vision of PREMI with great zeal and vigor, and this pursuit have provided enviable results which drew the attention and support of presidents of nations, royal fathers, governors, industrialist, educationists, and notable philanthropists worldwide.
The commitment of Bishop Williams and his genuineness of purpose in the call for prison reforms and rehabilitation led to the support of his vision by members of the Board of Trustees who volunteered their unflinching support. Bishop Kayode Williams is also the founder and presiding bishop of the Christ’s Vessel of Grace Church. He has built relationships founded on trust with dignitaries nationally and Internationally. He was the general evangelist of The Apostolic Church in Lagos, Western and Northern Areas, and currently serves as the vice-president of Integrity Ministers International Ministry, and member of the Kayode Williams International Movement (KWIM), a political movement that centers on the progress of the nation. The mission of the political movement is to raise leader of leaders and leaders of proven integrity.


PREMI has successfully operated in Nigeria for over 38 years providing the required assistance and helping to secure the release of hundreds of prisoners and detainees.