Anger can be heightened by tension and stress. Inner calmness is required to relax the muscles and release the pull. Relaxation is an important aspect of anger management. Relaxation techniques refocus your attention on something calming and increasing awareness of your body.


Autogenic Relaxation: It comes from within you. It involves the use of both visual imagery and body awareness to reduce stress.

Visualization or Imagination Relaxation: In this relaxation technique, the arms are let loose and the neck and feet follow in order. It involves the formation of mental images that leads to a peaceful, calming place or situation. Close your eyes and sit quietly and in a relaxing mode and begin to visualize and imagine serenity.


– Lower blood pressure
– Internal peace
– Reduced fatigue
– Reduced body pain
– Slow heart rate
– Improved blood flow in the body
– Reduced frustration
– Better logical reasoning


– Tilt the head
– Shrug the shoulder
– Stretch the arms
– Pop the knuckles
– Turn the chin
– Press the temple
– Open the eyes wide
– Open the mouth wide

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Dr. Silas Falokun is the coordinator of the Prison Rehabilitation Ministry International (PREMI) in North and South America. He is a behavior interventionist and an expert in prison matters. He is an employee of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.