Dr. Silas O. Falokun

Coordinator, PREMI North & South America.


The Director of International Operations (North and South America) is Dr. Silas O. Falokun. Dr. Falokun is the career and education counselor at the education department of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice since 2012. He is a college professor, a career and academic counselor, a behavior interventionist, and a drug, domestic violence, parenting, and anger management expert. He a member of the PREMI family and is excited to be part of the prison reforms in Nigeria and Africa. 


North and South America


The United States Chapter of the Prison Rehabilitation Mission International, Inc. (PREMI, USA) comprises of correctional officers of excellent work records. These are experts that lead their departments in different units of correctional facilities in Texas. A significant percentage of these learned officers have been with the Texas correctional institution for over a decade. They are very successful in their daily endeavors and willing to help the correctional institutions in Africa to meet the global standards required of correctional facilities and generate significant income for the government. For these reasons, these experts have resolved to be part of PREMI, believing that because they have done this for years, they can also do it for nations in Africa. These officers are:


Dr. Silas Falokun (College Instructor, Career and Academic Counselor at TDCJ)

Mr. Ayobami Sopitan (Entrepreneur, policy planner, and management consultant)

Mr. Oliver Obi (MSW) (Correctional Officer at TDCJ/Education and Vocational Training)

Mr. Ezekiel O.  Laleye (Sergeant at TDCJ/Food Services)

Dr. Johnson Olusanya (Nurse Practitioner/Medical Services at TDCJ)

Mr. Alfred Ekemezie. (Agriculture/Supervisor at TDCJ)

Dr. Norbert Nkwelle (Captain at TDCJ/Administration and Security)

Mr. Adebayo Quadri-Shitta (Alternate Captain at TDCJ/Food Service)


PREMI has successfully operated in Nigeria for over 38 years providing the required assistance and helping to secure the release of hundreds of prisoners and detainees.