Our Mission and Aspirations

To develop the existing resettlement center on a 40-hectares of land commissioned in Ibadan by His Excellency, General Olusegun Obasanjo, GCFR on February 2, 2001. This will provide academic, life skills, and vocational training to ex-inmates and offer them the opportunities to reintegrate and become productive citizens of Nigeria.

To create an enabling atmosphere for individuals, private, and public corporations and companies that share our vision to support the restructuring and reintegrating efforts of PREMI.

To add more after-care centers to the existing one and equip them to international standard.

To reduce the rate or recidivism and encourage disengagement from criminality.

To provide life skill intervention courses to drug and alcohol users, child abusers, and perpetrators of domestic violence.

To advocate for the provision of motivation for hardworking correctional officers and re-orientate them toward correction, not scolding.

To encourage the psychological diagnosis of new inmates and determine their mental capability. This will help to determine the need for mental health intervention for needy inmates.

To advocate for the provision of incentives/reinforcement to inmates that pursue cognitive restructuring and educational advancement.

To standardize the administration of prisons in Africa through the establishment and administration of African Institute for Corrections with centers in all African countries.


PREMI has successfully operated in Nigeria for over 38 years providing the required assistance and helping to secure the release of hundreds of prisoners and detainees.