Prison Rehabilitation Mission International PREMI

Established in 1982, PREMI a non-governmental [non-profit] organization has consistently pursued its core objectives focused on contributing its unique activities to the achievement of the nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy (NEED).

The organization meticulously institutionalized a formidable structured; both in human and organizations capacity building, which is crucial to sustainability of the vision of the organization.


The general objectives of PREMI can be articulated as follows:-
  • Ensure proper Reformation, Rehabilitation and Resettlement of ex-convicts and by so doing make career in crime unattractive to ex-convicts.
  • Facilitate employment and job creation opportunities for prison inmates so that they can generate lawful sources of livelihood after their prison term.
  • Training and retraining of prison officials and warders to enhance their competency in humane treatment of prison inmates.
  • Reformation of African prison operational systems to reflect modern standards obtainable in developed countries.


We have consistently pursued these ideals through the following strategies;

  • Vision Prison 4Rs as a panacea for crime reduction in Nigeria (Reformation, Rehabilitation, Re-integration & Resettlement)
  • Establishment of a Resettlement Centre on a 40 hectare of land at Ibadan which was commissioned by his Excellency, President Olusegun Obasanjo GCFR. Through this centre, several prison inmate have been empowered to acquire university education, vocational and entrepreneurial skills and they have been ssklsssucc

Successfully integrated into the larger society as better citizens.

  • Establishment of after care centre at Ikorodu, in collaboration with the Nigeria Prison Service, equipped to train freshly – released convicts in various skills preparatory to their re-integration to the larger society.
  • Provision of Micro finance for E x-convicts to set up and run cottage businesses
  • Advocacy programmes on prison reforms through the prints and electronic media
  • Sensitizing appropriate authorities about Nigerians who are languishing in various prisons outside the country to take action for their rescue.


There are two (2) publications already in progress.

  • Crime Reduction & Prison Reforms; Challenges & Prospects

A book dedicated to Late Major-General Shehu Musa  Yar-Adua. It is an expose on the popular four R’s; Reformation, Rehabilitation, Reintegration and Resettlement, being PREMI’s avowed panacea for National Security and Crime Reduction.

  • ‘From Prison to Palace; my story…….’’

It’s a true life publication chronicling the progression of Bishop Kayode William’s life into the world of crime, his subsequent imprisonment and his overwhelming turning-point. The goal of this book is to serve as a motivational tool to prison inmates and also a deterrent to those who may want to venture into crime.


Our organization has enjoyed tremendous collaboration and cooperation with other stake holders in matters of crime reduction which include; Nigeria Prison Services, Ministry of Justice, United Nations Office on Drug & crime (UNODC)


PREMI has successfully operated in Nigeria for over 38 years providing required assistance and helped secured release of 100’s of prisoners and detainees.