The Prison Rehabilitation Mission International Inc. (L/G) (PREMI) celebrated the birthday anniversary of its North and South America chapter on the 14th of November, 2021. The sum of it all is that time flies. However, we can not but express our appreciation to God for the opportunity to volunteers to reform the prison/correctional system in Africa.


On behalf of the Prison Rehabilitation Mission International Inc (L/G), I want to appreciate the contributions of all volunteers to the life of PREMI in North and South America. First, I do appreciate the dedication of Officer Oliver Obi, the officer in charge of vocation in one of the prisons in Texas. Officer Obi and I work together daily to help in the training of prison inmates in the art and science of auto repairs. The class had produced many graduates trained in the use of modern equipment to repair all cars, computerized or not. With the agency, graduates of this class are opportune to take an additional examination to certify and give them the grace to earn more money if they decide to work for companies.


Sergeant Ezekiel Laleye handles the feeding of inmates and officers, among others. This position requires the effective management of millions of dollars of products and equipment. He had successfully trained many inmates to be skillful in cooking and other food preparation business. Since the first day of sharing PREMI with him, Sergeant Laleye had been consistent with all that was dedicated to him. Sergeant Laleye is the current secretary of the chapter.


Major (Dr.) Norbert Nkwelle was a captain when I first shared this association with him. He was considered the life wire of the security administration department of the unit he works. He is versed in staff administration and unit compliance. His hard work gave him the promotion to the position of a major in a very competitive environment. Major Nkwelle is an active member of the organization.


The organization recognizes the contributions of Dr. Johnson Olusanya as a medical expert.  Dr. Olusanya is a nurse practitioner with several years of experience in several prisons. He is currently helping the organization in the medical area. His contributions to the proposals of the organization in the last twelve months are enormous.


Captain Adebayo Quadri-Shitta (Captian “Q”). is an excellent contributor to the proposals of the organization. He was one of the authors of the roadmap to the successful reform of the penal system in Africa. This paper was presented at the international meeting of PREMI in Abeokuta in July 2021. Captain Q is a dependable volunteer. He is still an active volunteer.


Reverend Alfred Ekemezie handles the agricultural department of one of the units. If given the opportunity, Rev. Nkemezie will be a game-changer in the running of the agriculture department of any correctional institution in Africa. He manages his department with inmates assigned to him to drive the tractors, feed the chickens, picks the eggs, and feed the pigs, plant and harvest crops with modern equipment. His contributions to the feeding of inmates and staff can not be stated in a single interview. Inmates who satisfactorily complete the On-the-job training are issued certificates by my department.

Recently, PREMI membership increased as Captain (Ms.) Loma, Sergeant Oki, and Mr. Emmanuel joined the organization. Captain Loma is a supervisor at the food service department, and Sergeant Oki is a personnel manager in one of the prisons in Texas.  Mr. Emmanuel has several years of experience as an officer at the Tire Retreading Department.

PREMI recognizes the contributions of the non-officer volunteers, in persons of Mr. Ayo Sopitan and Mr. Akin Akanji.  Mr. Ayo Sopitan is a shrewd business and a trustee of the organization. He was a PREMI volunteer in England and Wales before transferring to the United States.

Mr. Akin Akanji had been a blessing. He is a financial expert, and with his verse knowledge of the operation of the non-profit organization, he will be very relevant in the financial administration of PREMI.

On behalf of the leadership of PREMI, I do appreciate all our volunteers and wish PREMI long life.


Dr. Silas O. Falokun. International Coordinator for PREMI North and South America.

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