Simply defined, emotional equilibrium is where no gain or loss in our emotion is. Adequate sleep and good eating habits play an important role in the emotional equilibrium of an individual. In addition, exercising the body (especially aerobic exercise) is necessary for balancing your emotion.

Emotional equilibrium affects good and healthy living and longevity of life, all things being equal. If you are in good health and shape, your concentration level will be high enough to embark on projects and complete them, because emotional equilibrium affects the ability to focus. To be emotionally healthy, you must focus on the proper body and mental exercise, a healthy diet, and adequate sleep.

If the planet earth hadn’t been where it is, it would have been too hot or too cold to inhabit. Be like the Planet Earth. Be emotionally balanced!

Dr. Silas Falokun is a behavior interventionist and expert at prison matters. He is the North and South America’s coordinator of the Prison Rehabilitation Mission International  (PREMI).

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