Young woman pulls her hair, with anger

There is the need to address the validity of claims we all have regarding anger. Below are some:

Myth 1: Anger Is Inherited.
Fact: Anger is perceived as learned behavior. The “endogenous” and “exogenous” environments teach how people respond to situations. However, research indicates that the way John behaves when he is angry is learned. That means that John can learn to express his anger in a healthier ways, even later in life, without resorting to aggression.

Myth 2: Venting Anger Helps.
Fact: Venting anger releases the anger build-up and reduces aggression. However, caution needs to be taken when venting anger.

Myth 3: Anger Cannot Be Managed.
Fact: It is possible to manage your anger just as you manage your success. Well-managed anger increases the chance of peaceful coexistence. It keeps the peace in the family and may be part of the soft skills needed at work.

Myth 4: Anger Is Destructive And Negative
Fact: The results of anger make the difference. Aggression and peaceful resolution are both products of anger management or otherwise. Diversion of anger may avoid chaos.

Myth 5: I Can Let My Anger Out and Still Keep The Peace.
Fact: Aggressiveness may not end up in peaceful resolution and when this happens, someone will gain and the other person will lose because there may be no compromise.

Myth 6: I Cannot Control My Anger.
Fact: Conventionally a person must be able to control his actions. This is self management. The skill can be built in gradual form.

Myth 7: Humor Can Diffuse Anger.
Fact: True. Properly presented humor may diffuse tension and make the environment a better place to be.

Myth 8: Present Anger Is An Indicator Of Current State Of Mind
Fact: Our current condition may be reflective of our present aggressive nature. Anger teaches us the ability to cope because we can easily and objectively look at ourselves and answer a few question such as “Am I feeling angry?” Sometimes, we feel pressured and that leads to anger. Finding a solution to the underlying problem in this situation is good anger management practice.
When you realize that you have a hard time managing your anger, you might need to examine how your live is structured. While you can’t always knock off work and take a weekend trip to a quiet beach, you may invest in controlling the biggest stressors your live.

Myth 9: The Only Way To Avoid Aggression Is To Vent It
Fact: Not true. Venting your anger is just one way to release it.

Myth 10: It Is Good To Ignore People To Prevent Aggression.
Fact: For behaviours that are exhibited for attention purpose, ignoring such behaviour is appropriate.

Dr. Silas Falokun is the coordinator of the Prison Rehabilitation Ministry International (PREMI) in North and South America. He is a behavior interventionist and an expert in prison matters. He is an employee of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.
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