My Ugly Experience In Kirikiri Medium Prison


My Ugly Experience In Kirikiri Medium Prison

it is very sadonic and lugubirous situation we found ourselves in the nation, looking back at my experience in Kirikiri prison. My ordeal stated on the the 8th of this month when I aligned with an Islamic society for the purpose of visitation and humanitarian service to the inmate in Kirikiri located at Kirikiri town in Apapa. After a long journey to the location, I experienced the ineptitude of the warders assigned to the prison yard, battling from the corruption exercise at the entrance in the name of registration and examination in which money exchange hands.

Fast-forward to my own dilemma, I was examined with other members of the society in which I was giving a periodically tag to keep safe in order to ensure my exit from the prison yard. Entry the prison yards it came to dawn to me a different world in which shows me the inhuman treatment giving the inmates in the prison of close to 3000 inmates.

On that day, it accommodated around 3010 prisoners instead of 1700 of its capacity some information in some quarters stated shocking fact that 2520 detainees were not convicted by any court but they were awaiting trial. Some awaiting trail inmates were immorally and illegal detained for frivolous offenses like fighting, walking at odd hours and petition writing

From my discussion with the inmates it appears that the activities of the so called armed touts named Lagos state task force arresting people from street hawking, public raiding, street raiding, public offender, and other unworthy circumstances of arrest by this force is the one of the major reason for countless individuals detailed in this prison yard.

They arrest people indiscriminately in the name of pursue discipline and orderliness in the state without giving out alternatives to this people, imagine street hawkers arrested and they are either taking to the illegal mobile court sentence to 6 month in jail or pay 50,000 to the government coffers or throw into the prison without charging them to court.

There a lot people have been arrested without any information getting to their people that their person has been arrested for either worthy or unworthy offenses, I will appeal for anyone searching for misplaced or missing individual to please visit this yard.

In short it is a world of corruption and correction in which the latter in found with the warders diverting items owned by the inmates, visitation in based absolutely with money exchanging hands, facilitating and cooperation with criminals in the prison by bring banned substance like marijuana into the yard for sales.

Although these bad image there are some positive to take from there, some Muslim foundation organize
a good event to celebrate some inmate for their walimatul quran, 21 of them, these bring the mind-set that more can be achieved through constant effort for publicity and rehabilitation of this inmates

After spending great time attending the event, providing them with various foodstuff and clothing, eating, discussion and worship with the inmate, I was fortunate not to lost my pass from the prison which could have remanded me there.

Although I was able to exit the prison yard in lighter mood, but the injustices there is second to none. I hope I will keep visiting the place as a visitor not an offender against the government for being an activist.
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